Pac and The Hornet : Well Played Bob Arum

Well, Played Bob Arum. Really well played Bob Arum!!! When the Pacquiao and Khan fight fell apart and some dude named Horn from Australia was named  Pacman’s opponent, the boxing world collectively scratched their heads and said who the hell is that guy.
After watching some Jeff “The Hornet” Horn footage on Youtube against Randall Bailey, Ali Funeka. Horn is a come forward fighter, flat-footed and not overly athletic, he does, however, carry around some really nice pop in his punches, throws a mean right hand especially to the midsection.  He likes to exchange and lunges in recklessly a bit. Meaning he is tailor-made for Pac. The legendary Filipino will catch the Hornet and get the better of the exchanges. He will ultimately dominate and look sensational in a TV-friendly fight. Pacquiao will end his knockout-less streak that goes all the way back to 2009 against Cotto. However, Horn will catch Pac here and there and he will surprise people a little bit.  He will at times land his stiff jab and attack the smaller Filipinos body. There will be no shortage of action in Pac knocking out Horn probably by round 6 or so.
Bob Arum, like a hawk, saw a field mouse from thousands of feet away. The fight will air for free on ESPN as well as in front of a sold-out crowd of 60,000 in Brisbane, Australia. The Pac fight on free basic cable will draw in 5+million viewers, possibly a lot more than that.  Putting a ton of eyes of the charismatic fighter. It will be an entertaining fight ESPN will certainly hype as if it’s a real fight.Horn will land some real shots, but ultimately Pacquiao will knock him out.
This will do a few things for the Top Rank family. For the casual fight fan, it reestablishes Pacquiao as an entertaining  KO artist.  He will look sensational and entertaining, he is the biggest PPV  draw in the sport and will put the attention on him for a mega fight with Terence Crawford. Crawford will first unify all of the straps at 140 and then move up to 147 for a mega fight and a ceremonial passing of the Top Rank torch from Pac to Bud.
Bud will have defeated Pac and have gotten a million plus PPV sales by facing off with the sports biggest draw and winning the crowd over. Crawford will then be in a position to take another huge dollar fight against perhaps Spence or Thurman and be the A side of the ticket because of the popularity he garnered by taking out the legendary Pacman.
Finally, it establishes Jeff Horn and gives him a name because 5 million + people saw him for free stand up and give a game and gutty performance against a boxing legend.Kudos Bob Arum you parlayed a garbage fight into all of that. Well done that’s why you have been doing this so long.

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