Scouting Report: Argi Cortes

Argi Cortes
Mexico City, Mexico
Weight 115
Record 23-2-2 (10)
age 27
Height 5’31/2
Reach 64 inched

Fights Scouted: Ivan Ochoa, DanielArgueta, Cesar Ramirez

Argi Cortez is a patient boxer-puncher who lost two of his first four fights. He is unbeaten in his last 23 and has won 11 straight. He shows surprising power despite a poor knockout ratio. Has won seven of those 11 consecutive wins by way of stoppage. He has no wins of note.

First things first, Argi Cortes definitely has pop. I don’t care what his record is or what his KO% is. Argi Cortes can crack. He likes to fight from the midrange and score with his straight right. He uses his jab to set up his power shots, and his left hook has really progressed from the Cesar Ramirez fight to the Ivan Ochoa fight. He is sharp with the left hook when he counters with it as well. He doubles it up to the head and body. However, from the outside, his straight right is certainly his bread and butter. He rips really nice uppercuts specifically with his left hand. Additionally, he rips the body and has a ferocious two-fisted body attack. When he commits to the body in spots, he really sticks to it. He is an excellent body puncher and needs to make that his focus. He can box off his back foot and sits down on his punches really well while going backward.

He sports a good jab but needs to use it more. He will not back down from a good scrap and seems to have a very durable chin. Has fought as high as 122 pounds, eaten big shots, and stood up to. It seems like his chin will stand up. Defensively he likes to block shots with his arms and then counter. He is calm and patient with his shot selection and doesn’t get over-aggressive. He is almost too calm and patient. He does finish extremely well and is accurate with the heavy artillery when he has his opponent hurt. He has also shown vast improvements over a relatively short period. Suggesting his work ethic is where you want it to be, and is very coachable.

He is a vastly improved fighter from 2020 to 2021 and has stayed extremely active despite a weird career trajectory. He fought 10-rounders all the way back in 2019 but fought consecutive six-rounders as recently as February and an eight-rounder in May. He fought his first eight-rounder in 2017. Weird trajectory! This perhaps could suggest he has gas tank issues although none were observed in the three fights scouted. He has several other noticeable flaws. Offensively off the bat, he shows his punches. His punches are telegraphed and can be timed and countered. He has a good jab but doesn’t use it nearly enough. He does not have a high punch output, especially for the lower-weight classes. He doesn’t double up on the jab and doesn’t use it to get on the inside where he has a really solid inside game. You can likely steal rounds from him just on work rate. He also happens to fall in love with his power looking to land one big shot far too often. He is a little too straight in and out and doesn’t utilize angels. It’s straight in and out.

His most glaring weaknesses are defensive. He is extremely sloppy defensively. Leaves his hands down, specifically his right hand, specifically after throwing it. He is sitting there to be countered with something big. He doesn’t have really good footwork and doesn’t move his head at all. He often uses his head to block punches. That is a terrible recipe in the loaded 115-pound division. He also leaves himself wide open while throwing combinations. A good counter puncher will time him and have a field day. Between walking straight in the front door and leaving himself wide open he is a spectacular KO victim waiting to happen,

Overall rating: Fringe contender. In a loaded super flyweight division, he will operate outside of the top 10. In a weaker division, he could definitely be a top 10 guy. He is just in the wrong weight class, a weight class that is arguably the best in the sport. He’s got good pop and is a very solid offensive fighter that can fight at all three distances. His speed looks pretty good but not necessarily world-class. He can beat the B- and C-level guys with his power and offensive versatility. However, his defense is going to lead to his eventual downfall. There are too many big punchers at 115-pounds.

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